As a destination management company with a strong contracting department, we are well equipped to offer a large inventory of hotels to cater to the budget and other specific requirements of our clients. As a policy, all the accommodation options we offer are carefully selected and inspected to assure quality control.

We offer transfers from the airport or between locations within the city as per the client’s requirement, using our own fleet of vehicles.

We believe in creating memories. Being connected to the best service providers in the region, we provide not just sightseeing tours but also enhancing unique experiences.

In addition to the common ready to book itineraries, our team of experts are also well trained to curate itineraries that are tailor made for each client. We specialise in luxury, offroad experiences, adventure packages and family holidays.

Khimji Tourism has an exclusive division to handle groups and events. The team is trained to handle the mechanism and pressure of group movement logistics and provide creative solutions .

Khimji Tourism as a DMC is a licensed to provide tourist visas.

We are contracted with several service providers and car rentals to cater to both budget travellers as well as clients looking for luxury transport experiences.

Nothing is impossible in the UAE and if you want to be pampered with a private Jet, we can provide that for you.

The United Arab Emirates has a stunning coastline. It is a haven for clients looking to hire a private Yacht or to embark on a cruise across the GCC. Write to us and we can make this possible for your next yacht daycation, special anniversary celebrations, etc.